Munich 18


Right, Lou has nagged me into going again :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so just booked it all. Staying at Carathotel travelling out Wednesday and back Monday

See you all there :+1:


Excellent :grinning:


Have now checked in online for the flight.
Getting closer! :grinning:


Where are you flying from and when, Kev?


PSA for anyone who’s not gone before. The “High End” app

(I assume there’s something similar for iDevice)

has lists of exhibitors, and maps. I’ve found it useful in the past.


Wed 9th 18.30 from Gatwick


Have you booked a seat number Kev?


looks like it is automatically allocated. I got 14F outbound and 12F back


I’m flying from Aberdeen via Heathrow with BA

Heathrow - Munich Flight is 15:00 on 9th

Anyone else from here on that?


Thurs morning from Heathrow at 07:00


Phew, glad I’m arriving the day before you - at least I’ll be able to get some beer before you and Guy drink the entire place dry again :rofl::rofl:


I’ll be there - going out on the silly early Thursday flight from Gatport Airwick and back on the silly late on Friday night.

If anyone wishes to buy me beer, it will not go un-drunk. :+1:


Beer? Better drink water then. :wink:
You (all) can get some single malt if you want.

Will leave from Amsterdam Wednesday morning, return Sunday evening.
Hope to see you all again!


6.30 am out of Gatwick seat 15E out 6A back.


You sure about that?
MY 6.30 flight is pm


Sorry pm


27° in Munich today. :heart_eyes:


Being a baldist, I had to buy an emergency hat 2 years ago.

It really was very sunny indeed.



Need to go one year.