Munich 18


2 rooms, one with Bemax which had the Vox Olympian with Kondo amps and Monaco turntable, the other room had the Vox Palladium speakers with Engstrom amplifiers and Khuzmo turntable


Engstrom played the OBX with their new integrated on Thursday and the Palladiums with their pre-power amps on Friday


A few items I found interesting.

A new more up market Hana called ML

and a proper Mono version of the SL

A high end MC from Jico

A very sexy looking 12" arm, like a Deluxe version of the Ikeda. (Will not be cheap)

The blurb sheet of that new Portuguese idler drive TT.

and the blurb on the Magnat TT

Would like to hear this with a Hana EL or SL.


Did anyone hear the Audio Note stuff at deluxe? I thought the AN-e’s had a really dominating and quite bloated bass on them.

The big tannoys really impressed though.


Quite amazing as they were AN-Js :grinning:


Really, fuck, thought they were too big for J’s


I also meant to say that I bumped into Jamie (Battered Haggis from the Wam) at the airport last night.

He sends his regards to everyone.


Did you get to hear the Hana Mono Guy?


The Tannoy room was playing the new Autograph Minis when I was in. Chap told me the two big pairs weren’t “run in” so not being played. :roll_eyes:


There will be quite a few interested in the Hana ML Guy, based on how good the SL is.


No didn’t hear either that or the ML… But I’ll get one of each as soon as I can. I think the ML will be about £1K from their regular dealers.


Yes I’ll be interested in that too, maybe they’ll do a trade in deal on the SL.


:joy: yes its great to see the creator, max huge enthusiam for his products and watching the development of his speakers


I’d really love to hear these - am so intrigued by what they sound like. My only experience of omnidirectional sound was with some hideous looking Zeta Zero Orbital 360s - but I loved the sensation of sitting in front of a big stage.


Well, I’ve made it back as far as Aberdeen. Just an overnight ferry, two buses and two inter island ferries to go before Lou picks me up tomorrow afternoon.

Most enjoyable trip.


You are definitely hardier than I am


I’m off to Lopwell next month, that takes just as long :smiley:


Phileas Cunt. :slight_smile:


Unlike the reigning triangle of fail* who can just delete Phileas for accuracy.

*ginger + Scotch + Geordie



How many hours door to door then Paul?