Munich 2017


It’s the “162 candid photos” I’m interested in.

I have a little Fuji X100S camera, I just need to get some lessons from Alfie on secret snooping ‘street’ photography and we could end up with some interesting pics :smile:

Carat Hotel booked :+1:

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On holiday in the West Indies with Ms ICHM, one year I will go.



Boom tish.

What days are people going?

Think it was on the pre-inferno thread, but died in the flames

Arrive Wednesday evening, fly back Friday late afternoon :+1:

Mike and I, arrive Thursday evening, and leave Sunday, late afternoon.

Probs arrive Thursday afternoon and leave Saturday afternoon.

What’s with everyone concentrating on the trade day? Is half the forum dealerscum wearing comedy disguise?


Half the forum are genuine punters but going disguised as dealerscum.

Me included. Arriving Wednesday evening flying back Friday night.

Shit, is it trade only, have just booked that hotel for the Thursday to Saturday.

No, only the first day is trade, after that it’s completely open.

It’s just that half the folk on here are claiming to be trade.

Rough trade, possibly, but hi fi trade, not so much.

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Harsh but fair really. Most of us would draw the line somewhere before being a Hi Fi dealer.

Ah, I understand the beard outbreak now …

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If you book a trade ticket online using your company name I’m sure you’ll get the trade price.

I’m never there on Saturday or Sunday but apparently it does get a bit mental.

Have you got a linky please Guy?

You need to Pre Register here first.


Seemed to be painless, just waiting on my access code now.