Munich 2017

Where were we?

Those I know definitely going

Mike P
Paul Mac

Please add names below and I will add them to the list

If by some miracle my new business venture is turning a profit in time then I’ll be there, but it’s not likely at this point in time.

Me, the other Guy. Although as I said it’ll be under my own steam because I’m an antisocial twat.

Myself and MikeP, will probably be going; arrive Thursday afternoon, and leave Sunday afternoon.

I’m pretty certain that I’ll be going

Just got to sort out logistics. …

I’m hoping to go, not been before.

I’m planning on going but may drive and stop off to see friends on the way.

I’m going!

Yep going.

Want to go this year.

Not me, saving all my funds for the AA do. What could be better - ok the beer!

Once my lottery win arrives…

I’m not going to Munich with the AA if I win the lottery. I shall retire somewhere warm and sunny and relatively cunt free. Sadly, apart from the middle of the Sahara, I’m buggered if I can think of such a spot.


If I won, I have designated 1 year of European travel (yes, I still suffer from Backpackeritis). 1 year following the F1 circus. Then retiring in a condo in Northern Thailand. We will live like a king and queen with many servants.

Hoping to go but haven’t made any arrangements yet.

Just booked the flight for Kevin, a friend of mine from NL and myself.
We’ll arrive Thursday morning, leave Sunday late afternoon.
Will bring a bottle of whisky along.

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Which hotel is everyone staying in?


Just booked at

Also staying there are Pete, Guy, Jim and Richie to my knowledge


Me and Ed (Tons of fun) too.