Music Room

Large listening space…

Needs some serious TLC but could be very cool indeed. If I were a bachelor (and could face living in Wales)…

I’m fairly confident that a colleague went to view that a couple of weeks ago, with the intention of bidding.

Upon seeing the zonking great holes in the roof he changed his mind.

If you find the idea of burning tenners for heating appealing, it looks just the ticket.

Just needs a full compliment of valve amps or a @coco SIT and that’ll be all.

It’s in fuckin Klanethly!

No room for kids then. Win!

£38K and about £150K in renovations and what a pad (OK it’s in a crap place, but fuck it). You could get some serious horns in there and not need to dismantle the house.



£250K in London maybe, £150K tops, new roof, polish the floors, rugs, new heating, wiring, kitchen, bathroom and some internal woodwork to sort out a sleeping area, re-pointing the walls, some security and you are left with furniture to buy and some chilli for the bake-off.

But it’s still in Llanelli.

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Will Dean be there ?


I would love something like this but with a little less work to do and a slightly smaller scale - Mrs ADPully is supportive.
So it is a possibility.