Music that butthurts me

Things you like that you shouldn’t.
Things you dislike that you should like.
This thread is for all the uncool kids.

I’ll start:

  1. Stevie Wonder bores me into a coma.

  2. The Beatles ain’t all that.

  3. Sun Ra is typical of those musicians so utterly convinced of their own genius that they completely fail to self-edit
    Guys: Quality > Quantity.
    See also Billy Childish and Mark E Smith, and many others. I really like them FWLIW, but can’t be arsed to do their QA for them, so hardly ever listen.


Agree, Beatles were vastly overrated shite.


Oh I have too many of these! If I admitted them id probably be cast into the ocean with concrete shoes on.

But here’s a couple of controversial ones…

  • I don’t like the Rolling Stones
  • why the fuss over Elvis? He sounds like the club singing portion of “shooting stars”.
  • most Dire Straits is self indulgent pish
  • I used to like the vengaboys as a teenager, and tbh if it came on today, I’d still turn it up!

The way i see the Beatles is that they were before my time , and while I like plenty of music from before my time. I just see the Beatles as catchy pop songs. Nothing more. They may have been trail blazers but I just see them as a scouse Abba !

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Steely Dan and Michael McDonalds voice in peg
Both really annoy me


Anything Steely Dan - music for people to jerk off to their system in front of.

Miles fuckin’ Davis - overrated honk which Beelzebub will have playing for me in the reception at the gates of hell

Elton John - ‘Candle in the wind’, I rest my case

On the other hand Abba has always been a pleasure for me as in my younger days it always afforded an opportunity for a dance with the girls :grin:

The Bee Gees, Abba, and Carpenters are really underated.


Boss Drum is one of the most musically interesting albums of the 90s.


A bit like your posting, then?


Preach. En Tact v2 that preceded it is also quite something in that it got Paul Oakenfold, William Orbit, Graham Massey, Orbital, Evil Eddie Richards, the Beatmasters, Meat Beat Manifesto, Joey Beltram, Tommy Musto, the Irresistible Force and Caspar Pound on one album (and nod to @PapaLazarou for flying the flag for the original version too).

My wonky musical opinion is that Thom Yorke’s three solo albums (and A light for attracting attention) are all better than every Radiohead album post OK Computer. Being freed from the need to be determinedly different every time makes them much more consistent to listen to.

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Agreed; don’t have any in my collection. :+1:

Every time Thelonious Monk is played a picture of Les Dawson crashes into my minds view.
Morrissey is a living advertisement for the victim based arm of narcissism
KiKi Dee is the best female artist the UK ever produced. (for Kate Bush see below)
Guns n roses were / are stylistically and musically embarrassing.
Prince - A man so deeply affected I’m repelled
Kate Bush can be cringey
Jimmy Page can be cringey

I once caught crabs from a girl who would only listen to ‘Crazy for you’ by Madonna when we were doing the nasty. 30 odd years later that song still makes me itch.

A flat mate used to refer to his dick as ‘The gold’. When he’d return from a night out with a girl, the bed would knock on the wall for a while then he would sing the chorus to ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet as he climaxed. - It was rare the same girl came back twice…I don’t recall speaking to him about this and I’m not sure he consciously did it - When ever I hear that shit on the radio I can’t stop laughing.


As the first one got some agreement, let’s try again.

Britpop is, was and always will be utter irredeemable guff.


Can be distilled to: cocaine vs Heroin.

Never got into the stones or Led Zepplin aside from the odd track.
My main venom though is saved for Dexys Midnight Runners and Dr Hook

I really bloody love cheesy 80’s pop.


Although the music is mostly tediocre, I love Karen Carpenter’s voice.

I hate punk.

I loath reggae.

You forgot Nick
Don’t forget Nick :grinning:

I had prepared a much longer missive but it’s been severely edited. :smirk:

Because they killed prog?

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