Music that makes you cry

Rachmaninov, guy hitting some ivory keys. No fucking idea how he manages to convey so much emotion but gets me every time.
Fingals cave also gets me going. Outside of classical. Bright Eyes First Day of My Life. That was a first dance tune to an ex fiancé.
What songs bring a tear to your eye and, if you don’t mind disclosing, why?


Spiegel im Spiegel


Anything by Dire Straits.



Growing old, letting go.

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I don’t know why, but it just happens every time.

Had an Austrian girlfriend once, probably the most beautiful declaration of love in the German language.

I love this version and this scene.

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Jean-Michel Jarre - Ethnicolor.

Always wondered if it was a synth or actual choir boys singing on this. Seems it was 6 alto boys who sang it at Chelmsford cathedral who apparently made the tea lady cry when they performed it

How much truth is in that,I don’t know

This :point_up: and this :point_down:

I wasn’t aware of the backstory relating to his brother on that track until now Stu until I read the below article.

What a talent Hollis was.


Yes,was only recently I found out his brother was in Eddie and the hot rods.
I still find it remarkable how quickly they changed from 82-90 musically,following what they thought was right and not what the record company wanted.

I still remember seeing a review of the album in a hi-fi magazine. It was the same reviewer that has spoken so highly of the Colour of Spring that I bought it. He just moaned about how they took Chameleon Day and disappeared further up their own backsides.

He was wrong.

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Was literally waiting for that post :slight_smile:

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Anything by Coldplay or Ed Sheeran

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