Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)

Didn’t somebody like this crowd? @spacehopper ? @MJ2 ?

Re-released on vinyl today


I am partial

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Can’t currently find this on Bandcamp :thinking:

Juno has physical copies- are you after a download?


It’s £12.49 on Le Qobuz and I can’t find it on any of the other suspects.


Nope, not even on there as an artist.

Juno Download has the older albums - still all on Impulse!, but not this one.

I think someone has dropped the ball, or vinyl sales are more important than downloads (as opposed to streaming), which is probably true.

I’m ordering the vinyl on account of being a bellend. Should it come with a code, it’s yours.

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Got this on pre order.

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Ordered yesterday :+1:

Tempted to get the vinyl 40th anniversary resissue of Rage In Eden. Trying to decide the 4 disc set with live material or the 2 disc half-speed remaster.

Been hovering over the half speed master and find my inner self shouting, 45rpm double album please.

In another light moment, a journalist asked if the band would ever consider doing an “unplugged” tour. “We can’t really unplug because we’re an electronic band,” Gahan said, chuckling. Gore added, “We can try it with battery packs or something.”