Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)

OK, what music is due to be released that you think is of interest to someone ? Or any significant re-pressings/re-releases/remixes, post them here so that they can be found all under one roof.

First off, due February 2017, the new Trichotomy album. A little taster here…

Pre order available through

The final Cohen album is still to be released on vinyl, I am getting bored waiting now.
I say the ‘final’ Cohen album but there will be loads of stuff issued by his record company and estate which would never have been issued if he was still alive.

I have been given a new date of 9/12/16 for my copy but I I’ll believe it when I get it.

Emiliana Torrini and The Colorists have a live album coming out a week on Friday. The 2 singles released on Spotify are fantastic.

Public Service Broadcasting also have a live album coming out in 2 days, again the single on Spotify is fantastic, and features a solid brass lineup providing backing.


This thread had caused me to spend over £40 on a couple of pre-orders from Resident.

Laura Marling has a new album and Eilen Jewell is releasing her very first self produced album long out of print on CD ‘Boundary County’ on vinyl for the first time.

Loads of reissues coming out, and re my above post on Leonard Cohen, the bastards have started already, there is a limited edition (1000) vinyl release of a concert in Toronto in 1988

Neil Young also has a new album out soon.

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I didn’t know that. Thank you.

Feck of with this sort of thread. Xmas is coming so bankruptcy already beckons without this providing the financial coup de grace!

Bastards! Bollocks to the lot of you!



That’s the spirit of Christmas right there :wink:


It is not Christmas! To quote the meme - There are 12 days of Christmas and none of them in are in November

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I was merely quoting the unpublished page from A Christmas Carol

Ho Ho Ho and a very merry fuck off to you. :wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face::upside_down:

And to all pedants too! :slight_smile: :wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face::upside_down:

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And a very early Happy New Bollocks to you :grinning:

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You’ll be getting the contents of Santa’s sac …

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Missed that in all the sniggering. Try the quote on this stylish bit of knitwear instead:

Eilen Jewel who she? I have heard one track and I love her. Bastards! More expense, so what’s her best LP?

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That version of Gagarin is ace. I really must get around to seeing PSB live.

Anyway, coloured vinyl version + DVD ordered. Might have to give it to Claire to wrap up for the 4 days late winter solstitium conspicuous consumption day.

Best LP?
I first saw Eilen Jewell in a tiny venue in Brighton in 2008 there was only one album available on general release then, Letters from Sinners and Strangers (only ever on CD) which is still a favourite.( They had copies of Boundary County which was their first self released album on sale at the gig and my copy is signed by all the band. That is the now being re-released on vinyl.)
My other great favourite is Sea of Tears as I saw them live quite a few times and those two albums where the mainstay of their live sets.
Having said that I took a few friends to see them a few years later when they released Queen of the Minor Key and that is their favourite.

Audiences are pretty ‘normal’ these days but when I first saw them half the audience were dressed in 50s rockabilly style both male and female and danced right through the gig, not sure if that happened everywhere or maybe that was just Brighton!

Pick any one of those three and if you like what you hear you will soon buy the others!

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[pedant] None of them is …[/pedant]



Cheers Kev. I have just bought 2 LP’s and one CD. Will listen to others.