Musical Fidelity (the company) Sold


I took it to Lopwell last year to power the outside speakers.


The A1 was good the A1000 was brilliant, the replacement A1001 was shit though. Bad move by Pro-ject, MF’s goose has long since rotted.


I had a A1000 for a while, never took to it, not a bad amp, but it didn’t move me. It was surprisingly big.


Needed fairly sensitive speakers. Nice phono stage.


I think the speakers were either Jamo 8 or 11 I had both at the time.

I used it with a Marantz CD10, which was a wooly lump.


I had some of their F series stuff for a while. F22 pre amp, F15 power amp. I got rid of them because the F15 got hot enough that I assumed the woman who is now my wife would insist it was dangerous. When I went back to Jap Crap, I felt the money saving from the trades far outweighed the sonic differences.

I had an X-DAC for a while, too. Again, when I went back to the DAC in the CDP I was using (the Sony 337), I preferred it, if I could even tell a difference.