My first record


Wow not a bad thing at all! I can kind of hear a little bit, what you mean. Flattered by the comparison, anyway - that’s a classic tune!

Re the master - it’s 24/44.1 and yes theoretically I could sell you a copy. I’m wondering what’s the maximum that Bandcamp offers? I’m not sure if you can get the 24bit one on there? So I guess you could just get it on there, and then if it doesn’t offer the 24bit version, I can just send it to you. Or if it definitely doesn’t offer that, then we can do it separately from Bandcamp. I’ll see if I can find out. I could’ve sworn I’ve bought a 24bit album from Bandcamp, but I could be imagining it. I certainly uploaded it there at that quality.


It’s 24/44.1 already :heart_eyes:


Excellent, that makes life easier for both of us. I’ll buy it from bandcamp…


Hmm, just bought Nick’s album from bandcamp, and now I’m wondering why my youngest daughter has an account linked to my credit card there…


Cos she’s a switched on young lady who is beginning to feel her musical feet :+1: and has an old man who doesn’t have a Scooby.

Just think of it as nurturing the next generation of music lovers. Well worth a bit of short term financial pain :+1:


Yeah, you’re right. Would have been nice if she’d asked though.

Although thinking about it, there’s every possibility she chose her moment when I was happy drunk, did ask, and I set up the account for her and promptly forgot about it…


Mate, the amount of money I have spent because my kids have inherited the music loving gene is monumentally epic, but now they are recommending stuff for me to listen to.

Money well spent :+1:


If I turn up with the tape recorder & pay the cash, can I make my own? :grinning:


Haha, yeah if you really want to!


Listened to a bit of this last night. Suffice to say I have just bought the download. Nice work @Nick_Dartmoor