My first record

Hey folks,

so I’ve been pretty low-key on teh interwebs for the last year or so, and the reason has been primarily that I’ve been in the studio working on my first album. It’s now finished, and I’ve just released the first single, as a free download from Bandcamp. And I made a video to go with it, from footage I shot with my phone, on tour in the States over the last two months. I very much made the album with people with decent systems in mind, so I’ve love to hear what people make of it! The album itself will be out in a week or so, but for now, here’s the single:

and the video in full is on youtube:

Cheers, Nick! :slight_smile:


Like that Nick, and it’s good to see you back.

Is there going to be a physical release for the album?

Cool video, will download the track when I’m on the computer :+1::+1:

No good on AA these days unless there’s tape!

Edit:. Just watched on YouTube. Loved both the sound and visual. Will get the album.

Track is fucking garbage - sorry.:pensive:

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Thanks! Initially just download and streaming, but if it gains some traction, then a vinyl release is likely. Not sure about CDs yet… will see if there’s demand.

What about 15ips 1/4" open reel tape? :wink:

Deffo up for a vinyl copy if it comes off, but will d/l in the meantime.


what about a release on punched cards?

actually scrub that - just come and play in my living room

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I fucking hate people who sit on the fence.


Really enjoyed that track, can’t wait for the album to drop.

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Sounds like a Factory Records rejected demo circa 1984. However I’d welcome a copy on the black stuff.:wink:

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enjoyed that , lady sounds a bit like carys who records with david wright

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Ok the full album is out…


Also streaming on all the usual platforms, etc

Any plans for vinyl Nick?

Fingers crossed, yes Jim. That’s the plan, provided there’s enough interest. I’d absolutely love to see it out on vinyl.

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Haha! I’ve no objection to that in principle!

4 track @7.5ips for me
2 track @15ips for @edd9000

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As soon as I have the time to rip the flac at 15ips to r2r, I’m buying that.

Erm, before I do that, what resolution is the master at and can you sell me a copy…?

Btw, it was bugging me what Lunar Sunrise reminded me of, and for some weird reason it hit me while I was doing my mums shopping in Morrisons yesterday, it was Jakatta - American Dream.

This is not a bad thing.

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