My Sonos is dead. Long live the?

I loved my little Sonos setup, I had the connect in the main system and various Play speakers for the rest of the house.

The connect is dead and the main play in the kitchen has passed away too. Looking for low cost alternatives in the main system for Spotify and playing FLAC from my NAS.

a) Bluesound (new is cheapish but used ones all still play nice on the same software).
b) Horns (obligatory apparently).


or go onto the Sonos site and “recycle” anything that’s bust to get (usually) 30% discount on new bits. I’ve “recycled” loads of stuff that was already in the local tip, or that was then passed on to folk here.

I went to the Sonos site to get a screen grab of what I’m talking about but it’s down :laughing:


Something like this?

Connect the touch to the hi-fi, plonk the Boom in the kitchen and use the other touch with active speakers or whatever.
Obviously, Raspberry Pi as server.

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I like the recycling idea. Thanks, will check it out.

@Tons_of_fun is the Bluesound kit made by NAD? Am I remembering that right?

Yes, they use BluOS which was written by NAD but are a separate company under the same ownership as NAD.

I’ve got a Node2 and quite like the app although I see many on other forums say it’s shit.

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What he said :point_up_2:

I like the app, I think it’s a good one. The other thing is that BluOS is arriving in other people’s gear now so you can join a household of different stuff together in one operating system.

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