Myenergi Eddi

We’ve got 4kw of solar panels. We have an oil boiler for heating and hot water. We have a hot water cylinder.

If we had an Eddi fitted, would it heat the water through the summer (May - August perhaps), so I could switch the oil boiler off for that period? I suspect the answer will be a no.

It depends on the boiler setup. With a gas combi, we set the temperature on ours so that the boiler would pump but it would not turn on the burner.

With a tank, if you do not have other demands then it should be able to fully heat a tank from that input. Our hot water comes out at about 3-4kWh per day via a Sunamp which that solar setup should easily cover.

Might also be worth checking the relative cost of oil and off peak electricity as you can set an off peak/overnight boost for the hot water via the Eddi.

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One or two meatmen have a Mienergy Eddi. The rest have never heard of them. Hence, a dedicated thread to target the miniscule no of meatmen who will know what I am talking about.

Have a look at mixergy

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Have you asked your solar supplier/installer if an Eddi is compatible with your existing set-up Tristan?
I wanted one, but couldn’t without spending shitloads of dosh to make it work with the rest of the kit :slightly_frowning_face:


Be interesting to know why they said it wouldn’t, from what I can see it just needs CT clamps round the main feed in and the wiring in the breaker box from the solar panels. Location may mean you need a harvi to transmit but that is not a lot of money.

He said it was because the hot water is part of the heat-pump system. :man_shrugging:

In other words, the hot water storage/whatever either doesn’t have a tank or the tank doesn’t have an electric heater element.

You will just have to get an EV to use up the solar…

Yeah, the last week or two the battery has been mostly full and we’ve been pumping roughly 20kwh per day back into the grid…
…and it’s only April.

The solar was fitted by the previous owners. I’ll make a few calls as you suggest.

500 ltrs of oil is £400. I was hoping, rather than buying said oil, I’d spend that money on an Eddi and then not to have to order oil until the autumn.

The tank looks interesting, but is a much bigger outlay.

There is a reputable solar installer in the village. I’ll ring them first.

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Not sure on retail , but I’ve installed a lot in social housing, once peeps get their head around the control you have over usage and seeing the actual temp. Suits a certain of system , in this case heat pumps