no more

Shame to hear that will soon be no more…

Cancelled my Tidal subscription since I mainly use that on the SB’s. Deezer will also stop working.

Sad. They were a (very affordable) pioneer.

Apparently Qobuz and Spotify will still work with the community-maintained LMS.

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Only ever used my SB for rips, hanging a hard drive off the back. Always sad to see the remorseless drive to obsolescence of absolutely everything. All change is bad; the old ways are best.

Also only use sb for rips,longest hi fi separate I’ve ever had,around 17 years. Has been brilliant,though could do with a new remote

You can get them on tinternet. Did it a couple of years ago so forgotten details, but there are traders that will fix you up with workable alternative for not much brass.

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Or just use a smartphone app? I rarely use my remote, it’s now 12 years old and has gone a bit sticky in the way ageing plastic can.

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Forgot about the app thing.
Yes remote buttons feel a bit tacky when pressed and not responsive.

These cleaned up the sticky mess on my SB remotes very nicely

TORBOT TacAway Adhesive Remover Wipes (Box of 50) by Torbot


Its a pain, i dont use Tidal much but the rest of the family do, so i need to work out whether to switch to Spotify or Qobuz

We have several SBTs around the place, and i mainly listen to ripped cds or bbc sounds tbh

BBC sounds will still work, is that correct? TuneIn radio however won’t?

I am running it on LMS via a Pi using the plug in without mysqueezebox integration.

ah that’s good to know. I run LMS on a Pi as well. I have been using Tidal (and Deezer) as well though.

Anyone have recent experience of Qobuz via LMS? The Qobuz library seems a lot more extensive than when I last tried it.

Yeah, I use the Qobuz plugin and it works fine

Stopped using Tidal a few years ago and have been using Qobuz since it first started. Prefer Qobuz over Tidal and less faff than the spotty plugin