Name the album (prog may be permitted)

Think we used to do this before the forum was nuked but used to enjoy it on the other place.

Name the album from a snippet of the cover, the first correct answer gets to go next.

I’ll start with an easy one :slight_smile:


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Is it

The Beatles - White Album?


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Nope and neither is it Metallica’s black album.

Fuck, that was going to be my second guess


Nup. My only guess was B.A.D. and that appears to be wrong.

Drew a blank with Google Lens too.

My other guess is that it’s a tiny background detail in an album cover.

guess it’s around 1/8 of the total cover

It looks like it should be a Soul II Soul album cover so it probably isn’t.


I thought that too, but Discogs, he say no.

And it’s not short-lived B.A.D. offshoot Screaming Target either.

well that went well, will close this off with the answer.


Mods please close the thread