ALL over this, mate


Looks adequately epic :+1:

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Tickets for viewings at the edd9000 singleplex are available.

Ear defenders are not provided.


Shit Radiohead cover 40secs in… Slow, no bass, vocalist trying to sound menacing but just sounds like he needs a dose of laxatives.

I know someone who worked on the costumes for that, so very interested to see it from that pov if nothing else!

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Just on Apple, or streaming anywhere else?

Spoiler alert … he loses.

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Release date looks like being November 23rd.

oh no. looks as though this is @Ruprecht nap fodder.

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Discussed this with Guy yesterday - Nap will kick in before the ice cream interval it seems

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The reviews have not been kind to say the least.

Dramatic and horrific large scale battle scenes - tick. Realistic portrayal of character, events, history and so on - not so much.

Have never rated Joaqin Phoenix in anything he’s done, assumed this would just be his Gladiator role with a comedy 'Allo 'Allo french accent.

The battle scenes look quite good in the trailer but no urge or interest to watch it.

Hmm. Joker, The Master, You Were Never Really Here, C’mon C’mon, Inherent Vice, and maybe The Sisters Brothers, come to mind as movies where JP has done at least a creditable job with Joker being the stand out character performance.

Anyway I’d suggest the problem with Napoleon lies elsewhere in this instance.

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None of those were for me, thought Joker was fucking awful.

That was a shame

I hadn’t realised there was a film of The Sisters Brother book. Any good ?

I really enjoyed it but then I like i. Westerns, ii. slow paced character pieces.

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I loved the book so will keep an eye out for it :+1:

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