Nice find Pete. That is excellent.

Sehr gut, danke.


Bee Emm doubleyooo. :fu:

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It turns out that my mate drives one of these

He kind of has an excuse - he gets an enormous car allowance because his employer owns his soul, and he genuinely lives in Bavaria - the BMW works is just around the corner from his house.

It’s quite the imperial barge, and chewed up the autobahn kilometres very efficiently.

All the same I felt myself pining for that frisson of “will I actually get there on time, alive” that you get with my 11 year-old Corsa.

Bit of an own goal from the Germans who have some form in this area.

Germans and toxic gases, eh…?

Yep. Nobody wants to read news of Germans gassing people again.

I’m finding it hard to believe that senior people inside VW couldn’t see that the publicity from this might reflect badly on the company. I thought that level of stupid could only be found on this side of the Channel.

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Yep, I gas folk regularly and the Germans don’t seem to give a fuck…:rofl:

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What, even in Munich ?


Deffo, all that pork!:+1:

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No, you misunderstand. The Germans didn’t give a fuck ???

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Agree. Fucking stupid thing to do.