Needed: Small cheap bass-cannon

Evening all, wanting something up to £175 to beef up the lower frequencies. Low to listening volumes only

Ideally a sealed box, downward firing, active and 30cm cubed-ish, though I can just about accomodate something BK Gemini or REL T Zero size. 35cm max. height

Please let me know if you’re stubbing your toe on anything suitable


I have a wharfdale sub I just upgraded

Keen to get rid so cheap

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Phil hifinutt was selling a T Zero on pfm.


Thanks! I had first dibs, then procrastinated like a bozo, and then let it go to someone else…

Thanks, sent you a message

I think there’s another t zero on PFM though. I’ll see if I can find it!

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Thanks, I found it. Bit spendy for me @£245, I assume it’s a MkIII

I’ll message him anyway

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I’ve got a Quake sat doing nothing. 7/10 condition. You can have it for £60 collected /meat waggon etc.


That’s brilliant, Rick, I’ll take that please! I’ll PM you for payment and logistics


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