Neil Young Archives

Ran into this via a FB message. Aside from being an absolute treasure trove, it seems like a very clever bit of design to try and combine music, film and documents in a single resource. Being able to stream everything NY did in tip top quality is clearly a good thing too.NY describes it as Master Quality, I’ve not explored it enough to determine if he means MQA, but there are 320 KBps streams there too.

And all for free!

EDIT: Just read the signup email. It is free until June.


Won’t work from my tablet.

Used Chrome browser on my PC and cast it to my Chromecast Audio. Hi Rez stream sounds very good.

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Super cool site, ta for the heads up!

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Meanwhile in other Neil Young related news he’s selling off some of his guitars, amps and music gear. Lovely, lovely.

Also included in the auction is a pair of McIntosh MC250 power amplifiers which Neil noted he used in his stereo set-up of the 1970s.

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Neil Young has opened up the archive and added some free gigs etc

Thought this one belonged here.

1972, Neil is in a record shop.
He discovers he’s on a bootlegged album he knew nothing about!
See how reaction.

Could all be staged (camera there)… might just have been a day in the life of Neil Young
Still interesting