Nerd question re LMS/Pi and all that

Got a Pi running LMS (via Max2Play) in the mancave which has a hard drive containing the music files attached via USB. Is there a way of transferring FLAC files to it that doesn’t involve powering down the PI and attaching the drive to the laptop where the ripped files are?

Shove then onto a USB drive?

I presume there’s a reason why you can’t use a network approach

Yes, current ignorance.

Oh OK, well the easiest way would be to make the USB drive show up on the network. Is the pi on the network? If so, you simply need to configure samba. If not, get it onto the network (USB WiFi stick is a few quid) and then sort samba

Yep, it is on the main network.

Ok then just sort samba. Here is a guide:

Basically samba is a way for a Linux system to share its files with a Windows network, so your HD will be browsable from the Windows laptop, and you can just upload files to it.

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Will give it a go when I have a bit more time and energy and a bit less propensity for catastrophic errors.

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As it turns out, you can set up samba sharing on Max2Play through the web interface in about a minute without having to dig into the underlying files.

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Cool, sorted :+1: