Netflix / Amazon upcoming releases

Oooh… This should be good. Love the books.



Yeah looking forward to this myself!

All the Takeshi Kovacs books were great. Quite liked all his Sci-Fi books in general. A bit of a shame that Richard Morgan seems to have moved away from the Sci-Fi oeuvre & into fantasy, although the ultra violence & more adult thematics seem to remain consistent.

This is a serialization I have been v much looking forward to!

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I like the fantasy ones as well, it’s not normally my thing, but love Morgan’s take on the genre (ultra-dark/weird/violent)

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I’ve only read the first of his fantasy books, which I v much enjoyed. Certainly enough to read the others. Like yourself I suspect, fantasy is not my main bag. I’m more into hard SF. The Patrick Rothfuss fantasy books are good too & beautifully written.

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Enjoyed Altered Carbon muchly. Watched the whole lot in two days, when I was ill.