New 4x4

The old Jimny was well past it’s sell-by date. I would have had a new one, but they are unobtanium - best the local dealer could do was a used one for £27,000 (rrp £15,500!)

I wanted a small, cheap 4x4 because I live on a steep hill which doesn’t get cleared when it snows. So I bought this:

So far: it’s roomier and more civilised than the Jimny. Despite only 85 bhp from the 875 cc twin, it goes better and is more economical. Oh, and it’s bright orange so I won’t lose it in car parks! :smiley:


Nice, always fancied a Panda 4x4!

A massive WTF, are the emissions correct for that as 156g/km from a 900cc engine

Like it. Patrician choice of colour, too :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:

4x4’s tend to have high emissions: the new Jimny is 178 g. Road tax will be £155, which is not too bad (the Harley is £93 and the company car would be £480 if I had to pay it myself.)

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That’s :ok_hand:

Makes sense, have never had a 4x4 so little experience of them.

I’m with James May though that the Panda is one of the most fun cars to drive as you can easily get it close to its handling limit which = fun (or brown trousers) :slight_smile:

LOL, not as easily as the Jimny! That just had to be moving and it was at it’s limit…


Easy to spot in the car park anyway :orange_circle: