New cartridge from Japan

Was after sub £200 Shibata tip. Moorgate Acoustics Sheffield stock AT new range. AT VM95 Shibata . It’s an upgrade of the tried tested 38 year old 95.
Owned Hana SL loved- but play lots of ancient vinyl ( I collected from year 1962) . It’s small plastic thing in paper box - BUT it’s amazing! AT have IMO hot to make huge improvements to higher priced models or they will lose turnover. Yes it’s a giant killer. However there are caveats! It’s short in height - my arm could not lower quite enough to get the (well indicated) parallel level and needed rejig with platter mat changes for height. Secondly it’s very sensitive to torque on its fix bolts - loose ish kept the dynamic from its rather insubstantial mounting. Compliance figures are given but a quick look on Vinyl Engines arm/ cart resonance charts suggested it will match most medium . After experimenting I got 9 on the test record with 3 g added to my Origin Live Silver and low bias for VTF 1.9g and it was happy . Me too esp after a dozen playing hours a full very deep bass added with slam to the clarity of mids and delightful treble. Dynamics / attack speed are slightly below my MC but as ’ golden ears’ son ’ Freefall ’ announced ’ gives time for the full notes to be appreciated’ . He also pronounced ’ impressive’ even a ’ very good’ . My usual killer test ( I take it to shows demos) is the rock album by Sheffield Labs ’ Track record’ it has huge dynamic subtle background details and massive power chords when correctly delivered to room . This cart made the best I’ve heard . Recommended highly .


It’s very good indeed for the dosh a fine balance of virtues it has :+1:

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AT 95 sound - it is Not. They have wrought a huge transformation .It’s ‘burned in’ nicely now . With deep plentiful tuneful bass dynamic too thro range. It’s a lovely for a long listen and forgiving of old vinyl . The intense ‘hifi’ sound of my Hana SL is not here and I wondered if I’d dismiss this from a sub £200 diamond would simply not satisfy . It does- I don’t miss that edge of seat sound . I’m struggling to find the exact words to accurately convey why. It feeds an Ear 834p via Litz and skinny ’ The River’ ( Rothwell) connects to the big Yamaha.This combo makes a clear detailed big quick soundstage powerful thro usual range ,from BW DM2a and small Rel. sub . I think the words I’m looking for are ::::coherent meaning ’ natural and together effortlessly- delicate nuances of phrasing and defined positioning of vocals and musicians are presented in an intelligible way that is ’ slower’ than the MC allowing for understanding . Outright bargain — even as spare for owners of hi- end.