New Company Car time

My current BMW 330e is as dull as a dull thing on a wet day, so I’ve ordered this to replace it:



What is it…and engine?

You must enjoy meeting AA men?

It’s an Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV, so it has a 1.3 litre petrol engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor driving the rears.

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The best things about Alfas are the engines and the aesthetics so you have chosen an Alfa where both are a bit rubbish?

I chose the one that was on my company car list! There isn’t much choice, and they are all either electric or PHEV.


I like the colour :+1::grinning:

LOL, I will have TWO Italian cars! :grimacing:

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You moaned incessantly about the last two cars you picked so here’s hoping it’s third time’s a charm.

After 5 Jags and a Bentley, the stuff my company dishes out is a bit shit.


I’m rather glad I don’t have a mandated car choice. Personally I’d just go for the one with the lowest bik and biggest / comfiest seats and be done with it.

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My company lease is up soon. I did look at that for about five seconds. It’s a handsome bastard but no, just no.

I did mention a Tonale when I started at the new company. Was told to fuck off and take the Passat.
It is a GTE don’t you know. Not sure where they get the GT bit from mind.

Bloody love another Alfa I would.