New driver insurance

Thought I’d pass on what i consider a very good deal for new drivers, as I think a few of you are in the same boat now or soon:

  1. After a fair bit of research we found the car w/cheapest insurance for a new young driver is the C1/107. The Aygo is costlier for Toyota reasons.

  2. Sainsburys Bank came up with an initial quote of £410. This was the provisional license holder as main driver with me and Ali as named drivers. It’s cheaper to have two named drivers of some vintage :joy:

  3. In June the renewal quote came through as £280. Excellent!

  4. FoL1 has just passed her test. I’ve changed her details from provisional -> full and the in-year change was only £330. So she now has fully comp until July 2020 for a total of £610! That’s pretty superb, I think.


Had a similar experience with Admiral, daughter has a Fiat500 1.2. Having us as named drivers massively reduced the premium.

Weirdly increasing the annual mileage reduced the price. Daughter does very low mileage as she takes the train to work.

I’m more convinced every day that insurance quote engines are in fact random number generators.


Answer was if the mileage is too low say 3k pa, over 5k statistically a better driver.

Thanks for highlighting these matters , yes my nipper had 6 months plus of driving lessons , 2 failed tests so far . they seem to make it very very hard to pass as he is very careful and conscientious . When he passes we will be looking at these insurance matters again. although at the moment the only strategy would be to move postcodes as last time it was about 5k [ 23 years age]on a low group corsa.

Cheers for that, Ellie is 17 in a couple of weeks, and has asked for driving lessons, so this info has come at a very opportune moment. :+1: