New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Thursday 1830hrs on Radio 4, a new six part series.
Obviously not done by the great man himself but Simon Jones is back as Arthur Dent.
Grab your towels guys.


Brilliant, love this.

Hey, there’s no radio thread!


I absolutely loved the original radio shows and the BBC2 TV serialisations that followed. I have to say I am viewing this with some suspicion to say the very least. I expect it to be utter rubbish but hope to be disappointed and that it will be fab.

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Any Hitchhikers is good as far as I’m concerned (hopefully).

Mods perhaps ‘blend’ this with New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Have the BBC2 version on DVD - the stage design, props and special effects are as outdated as Blakes 7 but the actors and voice over are tremendous. Marvin is my hero.:smile:


It is better than that Disneyfied abortion of a film. Marvin might look like this:

But he definitely doesn’t look like this:

Fuckin’ Muricans


Hopefully, they wont fuck it up :thinking:


Indeed, it sounds promising though.

I quite liked the American film. Once you get over the shock of it being so fucking wrong, it’s actually quite enjoyable. It took several views though, to get to that point!