New laptop

So, my existing Lenovo has fallen to bits and the screen has finally died. Lenovo still seem to offer good value in terms of spec but what about the security/spyware issues highlighted during the year. There appears to have been little follow up on the story so is it just scaremongering?

Any brands really worth avoiding

I have had good experiences with Lenovo, mixed with Dell and terrible with HP.

My current 17" Lenovo has been very reliable, although a lot slower than the specification would lead you to believe.

My work Dell is excellent, but I had one from their home range a few years ago and it wasn’t very reliable.

Two HP’s: one had severe overheating issues, well-documented on forums but not acknowledged by HP. The other was good until the USB ports failed due to the internal connectors snapping off.

The only brand I avoid like the plague is Acer. I personally wouldn’t have another Samsung, having had one of their top end models. They make nice hardware but I was very unimpressed with their software development/support.

Generally I’ll consider what’s good at the time. What’s the budget @defride?

We have Lenovo and HP at work. Everyone hates the HP, while the Lenovo are great. If it were my money, I’d buy Lenovo.

We have a fairly expensive Samsung that seems marvellous and several years old, even survived a coffee cup attack recently

I bought a decent spec refurbished Lenovo laptop on eBay two years ago. It has been excellent.

I bought similar for Claire, they are great

The Acer i bought new lasted less than 15 months,The Lenovo i now use is still very good and into it’s 4th year.

My Acer is in it’s sixth year of (until now) fault-free usage. I must be lucky or something. It has an i7 processor and a fat graphics card. Windows 7 FTW. It really only gets used for Office type stuff/admin etc.

I am using a nearly 5 year old Macbook Pro, and it’s lasted very well. It’s still pretty damned responsive even with the age / software upgrades etc. Mind you, I’d fucking well hope so for the price!

Just bought a Lenova, not an expensive one, but like it so far. Went for the 15.6inch screen, 250 G SSD, dual core with a bat life of 7 hours ish. In Agros for £280.

For no obvious reason work provide Mac twat air pro thingies.

They are very shiny, but I wouldn’t spend £2-3k of my own money on one.

I think I feel a screenplay coming on, must head out to Starbucks.


My tip; if using it mainly plugged in then remove the battery when doing so - makes a big difference to battery life which is the weak spot of all laptops IMHO. Just learn to save your work as you go along (easy for me as I started in twin floppy days!!) or use Office 365 and MS one drive (cloud) which autosaves

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Cheers. It’s home use only, mainly for browsing, e mails and general shits n gigs. Work is for work time when some fecker is paying me :slight_smile:

I’ll try it with bat out tonight and see how I get on.

quite, I longer have laptop as I retired. My kids didn’t believe me when I said I wouldn’t have one personally once I finished.

and remember people that they can no longer rely on “we only offer a 1 year warranty”, even Dell !!

Honestly, for that kind of use an ipad is probably a better bet.

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I did think of a pad, but I can’t stand touchscreen keyboards and couldn’t be arsed with those portable flexi ones. I must admit to being a lazy twat when it comes to tech, I tend to buy the same type of product. Maybe next time round I’ll switch over but oth the Note 4 tends to take care of all the “on the move” needs…

+1 exactly what I use

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Yes, they’re shit, but on the basis you won’t use it often it makes more sense. They’re very portable, good battery, etc.