New old ugly mug

Thanks for letting me in!
I have been told you welcome old hifiwigwam gits!
Hello to all my old friends and new awaiting friends.
Free love my brothers and sisters!


Free love you say…

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do you believe in cats, drive a Porsche and drink gin?

Don’t go saying that cats are faked like the moon landings or Obama’s birth certificate.

Down with this kind of reckless enthusiasm.

I have a naughty labrador called Curtis, you had better not be him. :imp:

Yea, Yea, now what do you REALLY want ?

Are you Tasmanian then?

Sounds sus eh ?

A blast from the past, an old but infrequent wammer.
Curtis was already a member of the Wam when I joined.

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Might be legit. No mention of cousins. We would really need to know if the number of mullets is greater than or equal to the number of front teeth.


Indeed. There are boguns and there are BOGUNS.

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Can’t say I’m a cat man I prefer rats!
Can’t afford a Porsche now I’ve got kids but
Gin on the other hand.
Cheers Kevin, infrequent but loyal as a dog should be.

You know anything about pampas grass and swinging?