New pc transfer?

Got a new desktop for work. The old one is only 10 years old.
Is there an easy way to completely transfer from old PC to new one including all software such as office and email software etc.
both are running windows 10. Although one is much faster than the other :wink:

I recently cloned a hard drive using Macrium software, which is free. Article here: How to Clone a Hard Drive | PCMag

This will overwrite your new HD though, which may not be what you want. You’ll have to reinstall drivers etc - I was replacing the HD with an SSD in the same machine.

In your place I would probably do a list of which software I actually use and want on the new machine, and install it individually. Copying files across is trivial via the network once you have set up sharing.

Oh if you use a Microsoft drive and have OneDrive active then moving files and keeping the same look and feel should be fairly easy.