New power amp?

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After the SITs went back to Pete’s to sort the hum/noise issues, I was back on the power amp trail…
Last week, a cheap T-amp was recommended and demonstrated to me and I thought the sq in that system was excellent, so I thought why not, at £90 it’s worth a punt.
Apparently, T-amps have improved no end from the earlier versions and the Aiyima unit I bought has been getting a lot of appreciation.
In my system driving the Gotos it sounds nothing short of fucking excellent - great resolution, dynamics and separation. Also the sub is working really well too.
A totally amazing tiny box of magic and only 90 squid! All of the win :+1: the discussion from Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today V1.2:

Following on from this revelation & endorsment of under appreciated and overperforming Chinesium I am minded to ask a question that I know will lead to ridicule, but am suitably restrained :chains:, lubricated :icecream: :diya_lamp: :bucket:and posturally prepared… :peach: :cherries:
Is this device a reasonable substitute for an ailing pair of Linn (yes…I know, I get it! :man_facepalming:) lk280’s with Sparks?
I’m using a Linn preamp & TDL Studio 1’s …

:man_with_probing_cane: :man_dancing: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

It’s ninety fucking quid - just buy one ffs


Sentient anus?
Are you drunk?
I don’t understand this post.

Who has written it?
Jim or Alonquin?
Is some of it supposed to be a quote?
Why is there a link for 9h?
Should I click on it?
Is there an emoticon unused?


Answer to your first question…Yes

Response to the rest of your post…Who’s the Cunt here…? :thinking:

Which I did for shits & giggles :+1:


Excellent, we’re overdue for a new meme-amp :ok_hand:


Honestly I would, if I had ninety quid spare, which ATM I don’t…

I might soon tho’…which was kinda the whole point in me starting the discussion…I appreciate the positive responses … :grin: :+1:

The bonus is I got it for 70 of your fine English pounds :grin:

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To be honest, if I’d had a grand ish spare I’d have jumped on your bargain of the century Gato, but sadly life, reality & rarely considered sense has to take priority… :sob:

edit: plus being at least a grand short of the very fair asking…! :wink:

I’m a cheapskate, so got a secondhand one on evilbay for £36 delivered, just to try it.
I’ll swap back to my regular amp soon to check, but I have a feeling that it doesn’t smooth over slightly rough recordings in the way that my AB amps do. Certainly clear and coherent though, without major vices.

Some previous Chinese chipamps have sounded good but haven’t had long term reliability due to board design and construction problems (the old Tripath 2050s come to mind). Haven’t heard of these failing yet, but time will tell.

If you click the 20% off box on Amascum you could get one for a bit over £70 to play with. It all comes down to individual preference in the end.


Ok…I’m convinced…My “Soshul Securitee Check” hits my bank account in the next few minutes, and before I consider shit like food and bills does anyone have a link to said power amp I can click on before I see sense and decide to eat better for the next couple of weeks?

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There’s a man who knows what a link is!

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These things are getting good reviews it seems.


Just read the description, you would need to be careful as the ‘Pre Out’ is not controlled by the volume knob so would just pass through a full signal much to your speakers delight. :firecracker: :bomb:

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It’s not obvious how you can link back to a post you want to make a new topic about so I posted the screenshots above to help you @Algonquin


For infinitesimally small values of ‘knows’.