New Printer Advice

We have been using a HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi Multifuction printer for about a decade. It is a huge lump of a thing:
It is a printer/fax/scanner/photocopier.

Anyhoo, it is starting to be a pain in the arse, reporting faults where none exist, losing definition when printing pictures or multicolour text, and generally being hugely expensive to run.

I’m after a replacement. Preferably less mahoosive and without the fax and the spendy consumables that HP love so much. I need something that is capable of printing at reasonably high resolution as my eldest is artistically inclined and needs this because reasons :roll_eyes:.

Advice please!

Happy with the Epson XP-8500 we just bought. Like most inkjets, knockoff compatible carts are available.

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Ah, you must learn the difference between Reply and Reply, padawan. :smiley:

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Download to a memory stick and print at work - that’s what the rest of the world does


That involves going into the office, which is currently problematic because reasons. Incompatible with last minute kid’s schoolwork too.

do you need the scan bit?

Inkjet or laser

We bought a HP laser but we don’t do photos. It is perfectly good for docs with images in.

We only got the laser as the previous Epson inkjet kept clogging as we didn’t use it frequently enough.


Yes to the scanner
Not bothered about inkjet or laser just the best possible quality

I’ll have a look at the HP you mention. We got about 12 years out of the current machine, which has taken a pounding, so HP are good with me.

if you need the scanner then mine wont suit. You will get a better quality of printout from an inkjet with the possibility of printing art works at a high resolution,.

I tend to stick with HP as it is what I know and it is what we procure at work as HP have been the longest lasting. I am really only familiar with their lasers, which is what we were buying.

Although I have to say, I don’t think the modern ones are anywhere near as robust as your old one is.

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Is it worth getting one for the art and one for documents? A decent one for the former and a cheap mono laser for the latter.

I would strongly advise getting one with wifi that supports google print and the like. Means you can shove them anywhere in the house and it just works. Although when it doesn’t it’s impossible to work out why not, so if power cycling doesn’t work it’s defenestration time.