New router req'd

This was donated to the CUAN wildlife charity shop. Any use?

TP-LINK AC1900 model C9. It looks new.

They seem to be going for £50 to £90 on eBay, but none actually sold.

Thought £20 plus postage (I’ll pay postage if you put the same into the AA fund).

All my stuff is TP Link. Been rock solid.

I need something, our wifi is fucking dire…

Anyone know if this would help, were using the Vodafone modem ATM, we get no WiFi upstairs and its extremely flaky in the conservatory

@pmac has first dibs but no problem if it works for you.

The issue was definitely with the old router. Sky engineers were here today and tried again but the Q box just shut down with the same “technical fault”

Tried a different router - same Q box - and it works perfectly.

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Nice that it’s sorted. The only thing the router can fuck up is the ports that need to be open; the Sky box should document what it needs. A “technical fault, computer says no” is fuck all use to anyone!

Which is what I’ve been trying to tell Sky for the last 30 days since the Q box was originally installed. I was still able to use the box to watch my subscribed channels but only when it was disconnected from the router. Couldn’t use any apps, catch-up, download programmes etc.

Sky said the (sub-contract - IsleSat) engineers were at fault and the engineers said it was because the box wasn’t “compatible” with my old router. It appears the engineers were right.