New Speakers

My new speakers have arrived at last🤗


When’s the bake off? :smile:

Not that I’m also really keen to see your apartment or anything. (the C20 society practically cross themselves when they talk about the development)


I have not unwrapped them yet, too lazy😑



You’ll need to run them in, but you have to unpack them first.

Congratulations Dave.

Do they come with the complimentary chopping boards?

Very nice Dave. Hope they sound as nice as they look?

Where did you demo them, Dave?

Nice one Dave.
Would love to hear them sometime.

Munich, twice.

I have some chopping boards from TK Maxx that I might use.


When I run them in you will get to hear them Kev.

Is the bass unit horn loaded through the bottom or back of the cabinet Dave?

Did they not do them in Chelsea blue?

Very cool :+1:

Thank you. I still have not unboxed them yet and I am now going to lunch.
They have a hole in the bottom and I don’t think they do Chelsea Blue all though I could hand paint them myself :yum:

Are we there yet?

Halfway. They will be playing tomorrow. They look great and not to big. Perfect.