New Tablet. £350ish

which is effectively constrained by Amazon.

Ws have three Android tablets, all Samsungs, an iPad Mini and a Surface, iPad was the first to go, we are left a 5 year old Samsung Tab S and the Surface.

Tab S is just starting to show its age with the battery, but its screen is the best we’ve had - Chosen by Louise as it was by the best to use with her eye condition.

Yeah the fire was good in that it was very effective at filtering out inappropriate content for my son, bad in that is was a slow, laggy piece of junk.
My daughter has /had a surface pro but the screen dies after a year of uni life. It still works under the hood and we need to get it repaired. As an art student she loves it.
We seem to prefer Apple products, I do wish they’d use OLED displays more though as that screen tech is light years ahead of backlit lcd.

My old Samsung Tab S, has been great.
Excellent screen, and never gone wrong.
My friend, who is all Apple stuff, was impressed.

I think that the expensive Samsung products are great, but they are the same price as Apple equivalents. Most people judge Android tablets by £100 pieces of junk, and conclude that Apple is better, when they are comparing to £400 iPads. Hardly a surprise there.