New Tablet. £350ish

My ancient Sony Xperia tablet is slowly but surely giving up the ghost, and Claire says I can have a new one for my birthday.

All I do is post shit here, shop, watch crap on YouTube and stream my meagre collection of digital downloads and radio 6 to a Chromecast Audio.

Used to Android, not averse to Apple, but like sticking a big memory card in because I’m lazy about deleting stuff, not a fan of spending big money on unexpandable internal memory, sooo…

I assume a Samsung Galaxy Tab of some flavour is about the only place to go, but open to the usual outrageously over budget suggestions…

no idea.

Neither have I mate. Shame I can’t find a recent Sony.

When my Nexus 7 dies, I am fucked, as no “premium” brand seems to make a 7 inch tablet anymore.

Probably the only time I’d recommend an Apple product over just about anything else. The iPad is best by far.

In budget too.


The shitty attitude of not allowing a memory card so you have to pay way over the odds for more memory really grates though…

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Yeah, that’s the downside.

Don’t completely discount the iCloud storage plans though. The 50 and 200GB plans are good value.

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I’ve used a 32GB iPad Mini 2 with the retina screen for about 5 or 6 years without a single issue. It functions as Roon controller, Kindle, TV (for Sky Apps), camera etc. Absolutely feckin’ excellent device. I’m pretty sure you could pick one up in really nice condition for £250ish. An iPad mini 3 might even be in budget. As the 4 is now three years old any replacement in the next couple of months might well bring the late model 3s or early 4s into budget. I’ve only managed to used 15Gb of memory too!!

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By the way Rob, the 128GB iPad is £409. Not hugely over budget.

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Ooh, could probably get away with that.

I wonder if there’s a student discount I could get through FoL#1…

There is. Alternatively, if you knew any academics you might be able to persuade them to buy it for you at discounted price…:upside_down_face:


Erm, that would be good too…:smile:

If you can hold off till next week I’ve got two iPads I’m not using, don’t think I have the chargers anymore. Prices are a rough guess so if you are interested check out prices and let me know.

iPad Pro 64GB 10.5" screen (1 year old) £250
iPad Air 2 16GB 9.7" (3 years old) £150

The air2 is also cellular as I got it through Vodafone.


That Pro is a bargain if it’s in great nick - if’s exactly what I use and so is clearly the best choice.:grin:

It’s pretty much mint as it’s never been let out of the house.

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Ooh, that Pro might be just the ticket mate. Let me know if it’s still a goer next week, although I might have to pay via PayPal if that’s ok?

If Rob doesn’t take the Pro, may I have second dibs please? Would also donate £25 to the forum fund.

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I have the latest version of the Pro. It is by far the greatest device for the consumption of grumble that humanity has ever devised.


Forum tagline.:+1::+1:

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Yeah we have about 4 iPads of various sizes and vintages lurking round the house we also have had numerous android tablets which all have fallen by the wayside, the final one being the lads kindle fire which was frustrating shite.