New tv oled or qled

Ay up
I think our TV might be on its way out.
What’s the difference between oled and qled?
Or just tell me which is best :+1:
Also any suggestions under £1000.
48 to 55 must have freesat built in

OLED is self emitting, QLED is Samsung proprietary tech and uses a backlight. OLED is ultimately better for picture quality, QLED is just a rebrand with some tinkering of standard LED.
OLED did have some initial problems with screen burn but the tech has moved on as is far less likely nowadays. Not sure you will find many Samsung TV’s (QLED) with Freesat.
John Lewis or Richer Sounds are your friends, both give free 5/6 year guarantees. Don’t go near Currys if you expect any sort of service if you have problems.
If I had a grand to spend…
LG OLED55CS6LA (2022) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55 inch with Freeview HD/Freesat HD & Dolby Atmos, Black (


An OLED has individually lit pixels, whereas a QLED is back lit.

QLED will have slightly better brightness/contrast but blacks will only ever be very dark grey, at best.
OLED will do blacks far better because each pixel can be completely turned off.
You will need to view both to decide which you prefer.


I use a Sony 48” OLED (KE48A9 iirc) with Freesat built in which is the only TV source I have - had it a couple of years now and very happy with it.

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The OLED will have better contrast. QLED can have higher brightness and that’s about it.

Almost £1000 (£1077):

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If you can stretch the budget a little, you could get an LG OLED55 from Richer Sounds with a 6yr guarantee. It has built-in FreeSat and a great picture. I’ve had one for over 5 years and am really happy with it.

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That’s the same TV I tagged in John Lewis, they are doing it for £999. Richers will usually price match though.


I went through the same questions a couple of years ago.
Did a side by side of LG and Samsung in Richer Sounds. Bought the LG 55"

The Samsung is brighter but thats it, in every other way it was lacking.
If you like your reds to be eye watering bright, get the Samsung.



And get the next size up. Always.


65" OLED is the answer you are looking for


I’ve had an 65” LG OLED for 4 years now. Picture with a 4K signal is like looking through a window. I know technically it won’t be as bright as a more traditional lcd but I’ve never noticed and the lack of ‘backlight halo’ is very noticeable compared to my near 10 year old 4K lcd lg.
I really like LG’s interface and have had zero burn in.

Personally if / when my current tv goes pop I’ll be getting another LG OLED without even thinking about it. Maybe I can push the size to 70+ lol.

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Same here