New virus protection renewal

My AVG virus protection is due for renewal this week. Current offer is £40.00 for the year.

2 x PC’s an iPad and 2 x iPhone is what we need.

Are there better products out there ?

I moved from Kaspersky to Bitdefender Total Security earlier this year. A bit more annoying than K, with more frequent update /reboots, but seems to do the trick.
Cheaper than your AVG quote too.

EDIT - just checked, got a download code from Mustech on ebay for £27.49, 1 year, 10 devices (multiple types), inc. unlimited VPN.

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I use Trend Micro and it’s very unobtrusive but Bitdefender is getting all the best reviews and scores at the moment.

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If you’re with Nat West Bank or RBS, you can get Malwarebytes Premium av gratis.

No, no access through these but tnx

I just use Defender


Yeah, when I used AVG, it quite often bugged out after Windoze updates. On one of those occasions I called the M’soft help desk for assistance.
They said third party anti-virus software was not needed, because Defender would be adequate.

So, I uninstalled AVG and I’ve had neither virus or windows update issues since.


There’s also the “and don’t click random links like a fucking moron” point that probably needs to be said…


Yes, not clicking on shit works, free too.

Just realised it’s not even called Defender any more. Anyway, the built in thing.