New Year Bake - Last one in Ilford! Sat 12th Jan


I thought it looked somewhat feminine!


Another awesome bake off at Jim’s.
The usual incredible marriage of terrific food, coffee, hospitality and wonderful hifi.

I’ve said before, Jim’s system is simply the finest hifi in a domestic setting I’ve experienced. A joy to listen to every time.

I really enjoyed listening to the back room system, once the noodling crap music fest had finished… :rofl: Ed’s big r2r and the Magnat?, Garrard 301 decks sounded fantastic into the Direkts. I really love the way the Hecos get on with the task wherever they’re placed.

Always a pleasure to catch up with old faces and to meet some new ones too. Huge thanks to Jim and his family for their amazing hospitality. What a way to spend a Saturday!


I just like to thank everybody who attended yesterday, particularly those that drove long distances, also folk who kindly brought along wine, beers, chocolates, cake and of course kit.

The back room system was indeed sounding very nice, as someone mentioned upthread, the Hecos seem to take everything in their stride. the Magnat tt was lovely too and the various R2R machines did their transparent thing. Ann was in the room above and she said that at one point she heard the 12.15 from Euston thundering through our back room!! :smiley:

I suppose it is the end of an era in some ways - this was the 10th year of New Year Bakes in Ilford. Do not fret though folks, I’m sure there will be many more bakes once we get settled in to our new place in Norfolk. :+1:


Just got home, and won’t eat until teatime after that breakfast! Huge thanks to Jim, Ann, Flo and Alice for their wonderful hospitality - what a team!
Thanks also to other food suppliers (great chili and pulled pork, among others) and everyone for the chance to listen to an eclectic assortment of kit and sounds (not just music!).
Hope you find somewhere nice for your retirement Jim, we’ll all happily come along and “help” rearrange your system…


Food, faff and friends, what’s not to love.
Thanks to all. :grinning:


Thanks for hosting another great bake off Jim and family.

Main system was sublime as always. The back room system was sounding great and a lot of fun with faff.


Come on, someone change his tag line…


To Blind Twat perhaps :grinning:


Mr Magoo?


Jim, thanks for hosting a wonderful get together, and Ann and the girls for all the hard work they put in looking after us all.

As always it was great to meet up with everyone, listen to some fantastic kit and great music. And some Trains.

Met up with Mike @MJ2 on the way home, Wayne the Nak was delivered safe and sound, and Tim @Spider, your 401 plinth will live on in my system mate. You did a nice job on it.

The Sony is still hiding in my car, waiting for Claire to go to work tomorrow morning when I’ll pull the old “one in, one out” switcheroo with the Tascam, and wait and see how long it takes for her to notice.

@Mickyricky, Ellie says thanks for the camera case. She actually did say that too, she’s really pleased with it.


Just home, 301 delivered to happy customer, 124 picked up in need of TLC.

As has already been said, epic, a bake-off to remember may there be many more wherever you lay your new sandals :wink:


Mr Magoo…cuntz…i can see you lot coming anyways…:laughing:


Hey Waldo!


Thanks to Jim and family for another great bake off! Great to catch up,with everyone and listen to work great music.

Thanks to everyone who brought food and snacks! The huge variety of just about everything was fab!


Many thanks to Jim & the team for another fantastic New Year gathering. Some lovely food laid on for both the evening and for breakfast this morning.

I only caught a brief listen to Jim’s set up as the chairs in there always seemed to be filled but it was sounding very good, the bits I did hear.

We had fun with faff & some records in the back room although no noodly jazz on tape. Jazz seems to be one of the things that’s actually quite hard to find and usually serious $$$ when you do.

I did enjoy Edd’s hooky Russian bootleg of Transformer. I can’t think of a better way of getting that album. My LP version certainly doesn’t sound that good & the original pre-recorded tape, when it does occasionally appear, seems to fetch $300-400.

I hope the RS1500’s speed issue with the 3 3/4 tapes can be sorted easily. It sounded very promising although I do still lust after the Sony.

I was also impressed by Edd’s little 10W Pass amp which sounded very sweet once it had warmed up. The Garrard 301 was no slouch either.

Thanks too to Paul for the Pizza flour. Looking forward to trying that. :+1:

A picture isn’t enough. This was a damn fine breakfast.


Thanks from me as well Jim and family…Top Hosts ! Enjoyed every. minute !


Mouthwatering !



The sausages & bacon were seriously good.


Did you get home in time for the match Guy? - It was a cracker. Talk about bacon…de Gea saved yours :wink:


Yes, I called in at @Stepmotheratomicbomb & dropped off some items & got back just before 4.30. Spurs played very well. De Gea shouldn’t be having to make 11 saves against anyone.