New Year Bake - Last one in Ilford! Sat 12th Jan


You are going to have to hire a hotel or something for the weekend Jim.:grinning:

I wonder if a Hifi group has ever done anything like that before? :thinking:


Yes please Jim!


A Marquee?


It’s OK Jim, I can’t make it, so there’s space for 2 more :+1:


You aren’t doing yourself justice, I would have said 3-4 :thinking:


Off you fuck :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Only trying to big you up mate :smiley:


Oh ? Well, that’s OK then :thinking:


@Myrman & @Rob998

You’re off the bench - hope your backsides aren’t hurting too much :smiley:


Never mind the HiFi will there be a buffet?

I like buffets me.


Dunno about a buffet Jim, but I’m fairly sure you’ll leave fatter than when you arrive :laughing:



Not even sure that’s possible