New Year Bake - Last one in Ilford! Sat 12th Jan


You are going to have to hire a hotel or something for the weekend Jim.:grinning:

I wonder if a Hifi group has ever done anything like that before? :thinking:


Yes please Jim!


A Marquee?


It’s OK Jim, I can’t make it, so there’s space for 2 more :+1:


You aren’t doing yourself justice, I would have said 3-4 :thinking:


Off you fuck :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Only trying to big you up mate :smiley:


Oh ? Well, that’s OK then :thinking:


@Myrman & @Rob998

You’re off the bench - hope your backsides aren’t hurting too much :smiley:


Never mind the HiFi will there be a buffet?

I like buffets me.


Dunno about a buffet Jim, but I’m fairly sure you’ll leave fatter than when you arrive :laughing:



Not even sure that’s possible


Can’t make this now :slightly_frowning_face: so up the subs bench goes.


I can’t make this either really, wife gets too stressed in January (she works in tax). I’ll need to take the kids somewhere.


Well that’s two in in quick succession so stick me in the subs list, there’s a slim chance!




Stick em on the subs list :grinning:


Sorry Jim, I’m going to have to bale; building work starting on the house on the 14th so I’ve got clearance duties…one up the subs list.


Only 10 days to go! :smiley:

What are you fetching along so we can put a back room system together guys?


Depends, if I get off the bench :slight_smile: