New Year Bake - Last one in Ilford! Sat 12th Jan


What do you want/need?
Cables, CD players, amps, etc?


May car is having serious issues. If anyone can help a lift via close to nottingham please let me know.
Seems my wheel sensors aren’t working and my car thinks it’s not moving at speed… resulting in some fun. I can turn off traction control but that can result in even more fun!


We need everything to create a complete system Gregg, Source(s), amps, speakers and wires. :+1:


S’pose I’m the obvious choice, I do have some errands to run in that London though. (Drop off 301, pick up 124 :slight_smile: )

Don’t know the arrangements if overnights available?

I’ve got a Garrard and phono stage if that starts the system list?


No worries if you need to overnight Mark. We have three fully reclining sofas - plus plenty of floor! :smiley:


Me too for an overnighter please Jim.


Can bring Pass B1 preamp and Aleph 30w power amp.


I can bring Magnat DD turntable with various cartridges. Assorted Faffage & speakers if needed.


Can bring a couple of preamps.


I can probably borrow a pair of Quad, 988’s, if required.


I’ve got an Ayre power amp I can bring if additional watts are needed. Not sure how efficient Quads are.


Overnight for me too, please. Will bring CD player and DAC to annoy vinylados. Can offer lift from Sheffield if anyone needs.


If I make it off the subs bench, then I can bring tape faff.


Am I ok to overnight Jim ? I don’t fart :joy:


I’d learn to sharpish if I were you.


Jim farts so you don’t have to :mask:


What happens to your wind then?




Can bring my M7 if required?


It’s required. :+1::grinning: