New Year Bake - Last one in Ilford! Sat 12th Jan


Totes !


As my gran would say it’s a nice spread.


There appears to be something green on the table…




Nothing wrong with the food whatsoever. Looks great in fact. It is the ‘down with the yoof-isms’ that …:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Buffet ftw.


Buffeted by the wind?


Elton John B side?



It’s called a tablecloth :stuck_out_tongue:


And also, meat only diet with massively bling cutlery. Are you going back to your President Trump days?


Reels a turnin’…


Many thanks to Jim and his wife and daughters for a fantastic day. The food was delicious, The company was pretty good as well :grinning: Jim’s system is jaw dropping good, the reel 2 reel back room was very good as well even with pipe organ fairground carousel music. Great to see everyone :+1:


Looks like everyone had a reely good time :grin:


Massive thanks to the whole family again for faultless hospitality.
And it will be a few days abstinence from music as usual to allow me to forget just how good it can sound…


Thank you so much to @Jim and his long-suffering family.

Props to @Kevin for the best DJing of the day.

R2R faffage :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Happily sat on the train waiting to depart minding my own business drinking a can of M&S G&T.

“This train calls at High Wycombe, Banbury”… fuck I’m on the wrong train.

Grab G&T sprint across the platform. Jump on train and the doors shut behind me. Way too close for comfort.

Thanks for a super afternoon to Jim and family. Had a good laugh and heard 7.5ips R2R for the first time, impressive.


If the alternative is Aylesbury, I would argue not.


If you only listen to noodly feckin’ Jazz.

Meh !


You know nothing, peasant. The Choo Choo tape was Awesome. Especially the fairground organ bits.