New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


Front room system.


Food time :yum: Two curries, samosas, pekoras Bombay potato & naan.




I think that the collective term is a fat bastard of meatmen


Looks filppin’ brill guys!


I can console myself with some bombay mix left over from chrimbo :sneezing_face:


What are the others going to eat @Jim ? :rofl:




Names to faces please. I have met Pete and Adam, and of course Dave is a TV Personality, so recognise them, as for the rest of you…:thinking:


Naughty man


I’m impressed that there were only 2 faces I didn’t recognise :smiley:


My weener is teenie and I’m as smug as fuck. :grinning:


OK the sad fucks I know;

1st photo back left to right - Flaky bean counter Amdismal and Dave the TV celeb
Front left to right Mark Browlemmm angry man, not sure of the other two

2nd photo back left to right Mr PureSound Guy, then beardy fat fuck Coco, then?, then material cutting man Heywood, then angry short man Mr Crimson.
Front, left to right, Sodders and Loo.

If I have got it wrong I appologise and you can slag me off.


Please to Illuminate:

Any forkings yet?
Ou et le bum crack ?
Millionaire critique?
Do Elephant dicks bring pleasure?


Like we need any justification.


I’m not in any of the photos - you will be pleased to know.


Nor me !!! A selfie should do it




I was probably posting on here when that was taken😀


Still never heard a pair of those Shahinian speakers