New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


Have a good one chaps. Make it one for the archives :blush:


All the best to Ann and the girls. I guess they know by now what’s about to arrive and have retreated to the sanity upstairs :smile:. Have a great day everyone !



How many people will buy R2R after today?
Who will suffer the first meat heavy?
Will Millionaire shortbread steel mince pie’s crown as favored sweet treat?
Is a multi story car park phono better than sex?

Stay tuned - Pictures or it didn’t happen.


Mark’s shortbread :+1:


Ffs. Going to have to buy me some today.


Chris’ shortbread :+1:


Just had a power cut :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Are the shortbread still visible?


Could end up like poirot if someone scoffed the shortbread with the lights out



Back room system now set up :+1:


Wow looks great, sorry I’m running late, woke with a banging headache, now subsided, car loaded so should be there in 30 mins tops


Meatmen !!



Is that the nuclear button on the arm of the chair?


Maureen trump


Is the back room the vegetarians?


Right, who has a Reel to Reel machine they want to sell?!


Elephant cock by Maureen :crazy_face:!


An embarrassment of Meatmen :grin: