New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


Perhaps you should leave it to the host to organise who is coming?


The Mark on the list is DeepDiveDog,

You were on the bench Mark and I removed your name when you said you could no longer make it.




Kit line up for the back room so far:

R2R (Guy)
SP10 (Wayne)
Pink Triangle (Paul)
Rumbling tt ?? :laughing: (Mark)

Phono stages:
Trilogy 907 (Mark)
Phono stage?? (Paul)


Shahinian Obelisk (Chris)
Rehdeko (Paul)

Ben offered to fetch along his Luxman pre, but he’s quite far down the bench, so it looks like we’ll need pre/power amplification, or an integrated.

If we need some 0/1 in the back room, we can use the Nagra, that will mean vinyl only in the front room - but given how the BTJ is sounding, I don’t think anyone will mind! :smile:




If we need to I could bring the gold knobbed Leben.


I have a tricked out Jolida CD player/DAC, and a Lyngdorf integrated, if you want me to bring them.


I want guys nob in the back room

And I’m not even going


Oh err missus…must be cos it’s Wednesday :wink:


I can bring the starlight CD player.


Fancy a Linn cd 12?


Was hoping to keep digital shite out of the back room :grinning:


Don’t think my Nait would drive Shahanian’s ?



It should - a friend’s Puresound A30 drives his with ease.


I could bring a pair of OTL power amps, they might not drive shenanigans to their best though, they are about 10w a channel. They are fine with Rehdekos but they are 100db sens.


I’m always keen to hear OTLs, but I doubt that the Shahinian speakers would be a happy match


I can bring your AI S300 for the Rehdekos…


Sounds good and will save me bringing two more bits.


[quote=“AmDismal, post:97, topic:3041”] l doubt that
Shahinian speakers would be a happy match

Probably not, most speakers aren’t :grinning: