New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


Anyone going from the Bristol BS8 area?

Meat taxi help potential…


Will you lot stop posting bollocks?
What you should be posting is

“Sorry Jim, I can’t make it”

Then I can move up from the subs bench.

Now, get on with it.


It’s gonna be all last-minute flake-outs, that’s how these things work.


Sorry Jim I can’t make this now. Thought I could get the time off work but unfortunately not :frowning_face:


…and as if by magic…:roll_eyes:


Shock! Can’t remember the last time you couldn’t make it Nick! :thinking:

Kev, you’re in!


See, all it takes is a bit of coaxing! :grin:


Blimey at this rate i’ll be going, and that will be a shock!


Paul (Flapland) has bailed, so you’re in Ritchie!


If anyone wants to leave their cars at mine (Spalding, Lincs) and car-share the remainder I’ll proly have Sam’s V90 which should fit 4 passengers.


Thanks for the offer mate. It’s about an hour to get to yours so I’m as well just burning down the road.


Worth it for a trip in a Volvo


I had a ride in a nice Volvo XC90 the other day, it was most agreeable :+1:


Does it have brown seats?


Speed dependent


Volvo “jokes”. :face_vomiting:


I have early finish today and Wednesday, so I want to use the free time to drag out gear to bring. What do we need, I am happy to bring whatever is needed. However, not really looking for approval so I am also happy to leave stuff nobody has any interest in hearing at home. Just thinking that with a R2R, an Sp10 and a rumbler does anyone have interest in an old PT and Rabco combination, similarly does anyone want to hear French marmite speakers when we will have a pair of shenanigans to listen too?
Also is the amp sorted?


I have a tricked out Jolida CD player/DAC, and a Lyngdorf integrated, if you want me to bring them.

Do you want a CD player in the back room, and do you need/want the Lyngdorf?


Paul, please bring the Rehdekos, we can then have a change from the Shahinians.

Gregg, please bring the Lyngdorf.

Wayne, is the Leben a pre or integrated?


Leben C600 integrated (no phono stage).