New Year Bake - Saturday Jan 21st

Yes please.
Day tripper.

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Might be time to show my face somewhere.

If it’s near e mids or e yorks I’m up for it…


Afraid not Steve.

Anonymity beckons…

Hang on, I must have already long since arrived?

Yes please Jim if there is still space.

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Yes please, probably, if there’s room

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We usually have 20 + for the summer bbq, but I think we’ll be mostly inside in January!

There’s 8 seats in the front room and 5 in the back room and someone’s always outside having a fag, so I make that 14.

But don’t worry if you’re on the bench - never had a bake-off yet when one or two haven’t cried off for one reason or another…


Put me on the subs bench please.

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Hope you make it onto the list Dean - otherwise we won’t have a food waste disposal unit :laughing:

Go on then, subs list for me too please Jim bob.

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Bah, so bloody busy at work I missed the thread! Subs please Jim.

You can have my spot at the top of the bench for a pound.

Bench please mate.



Who’s going to bring what for the back room system then?

What are you looking for, can bring the SJS 300b amp if you want?


A complete system - your 300b will be a good start Chris :+1:

I’ll bring the BMC phono stage, can bring the Hyperspace as well if needed.

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I could bring the Leben integrated amp, or maybe my Aurender NH100 which has music on it or if that’s deemed too risky then I do have a Tidal account!

Could bring some Direkts if we need easy to drive speakers.