New Year Bake - Saturday Jan 21st

Now those I’d like to hear.
I could bring the Oto…

Love to hear a pair of those :thumbsup:

Heard these at Sodders and was really impressed with them, have been curious to hear them with the SJS :slight_smile:

I could bring my JBLs if Pete drives his enormous car.


**[quote=“AmDismal, post:44, topic:383, full:true”]
I could bring my JBLs if Pete drives his enormous car.

If only it was my turn to drive!


I can drive your car, as Claire will need ours. Let’s face it, we have one car for four people, you have two cars for one person. You can spare the car :wink:


Sounds very fair to me…

If I make the list, I have a pimped, Jolida CD player, I can bring.
If you need SS wellie, I have a Lyngdorf integrated, as well.
Plenty of cables, XLR adapters, etc.

I can bring my Auralic Vega Dac ( the lightest bit of kit i own! ) And i might be able to get swmbo’s people carrier, which would mean i could pick up Pete, Adam and the wardrobes… And Greg also if he makes the list.


Oh, right it’s somehow my fault!

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If I make the list I could bring my new Phono Stage (if it’s finished in time). Plus my new cheapo Line Stage described by Arthur Salvatore as the " best preamp in the world"


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Are you trying to tell me something Kev?

About time some people started dropping out I reckon :grin:

Is anyone coming from up north? Just seeing if there is a possibility of getting a phonostage up to Chesterfield or thereabouts.

Hiya mate, I’m working up in Chesterfield at the moment so I could happily drop it off.

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Cheers Wayne that would be great - not 100% sure it will be needed yet. I will drop you a pm nearer the time if that’s ok.

Cool, just let me know.

Sorry Jim there’s been a roster change, so can’t make it now.
I know, I know, it won’t be the same without me and will probably be a bit flat without my witty repartee but it is what it is. My hands are tied. Shit got real. Etc. Etc.

Everybody move up one space.