Nice Tonearm

Pyon IRIS 12" Rererence Tonearm. Nice.

Too chunky for me. The cable doesn’t look right where it is. Not massively keen on those type of headshells either, a bloody pain to set-up carts on.

I like these, something right about the shape.

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With Pyon Sound Black Pearl Turntable.


It appears to have two motors with different pulley diameters - WTF?

(Or is one just an idler pulley?)

Not a problem if they run at different speeds.

Apart from that being fucking ridiculous, you mean, right?


Apart from that. Maybe there is some bollocks ‘technical’ reason about different torque amounts with different sizes etc…

The counter rotating platter bollocks had been done before, so maybe this is their USP

I actually think it’s just an idler pulley - at least that way it makes some sense…

OK, but why not just make the platter heavier or bigger?

Nearly as silly as having two turntables running in opposite directions…:upside_down:

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Yeah, your deck works very well despite that. :smile:

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I think the idea of the idler is to equalise belt tension to an extent, which would help to equalise lateral load on the bearing.

That’s what their website says - not that I understand a word of it.:grinning:

While the flywheel for the Ultima can theoretically aid in speed stability, it is not the reason it is used in the drive system. The DC Servo motor and controller achieve perfect speed stability by themselves. The flywheel helps maintain neutral belt tension, preventing one-sided wear of the bearing shaft. Without the flywheel, the belt tension is applied only toward the direction of the motor, creating unbalanced wear of the bearing shaft and sleeve.

Similar to what Arthur Khoubessarian of Pink Triangle and Funk Firm does with his ‘Vector’ design, except he uses three.

VPI had contrary pulleys on the TNT back in about 1986.

Nothing new under the sun…

I think with some of these companies, they are either too young to know or they hope everyone else has forgotten!

But…but…it’s just floating in space :open_mouth: