No AAAC this week

This week’s AAAC was to be provided by @Brystonian but despite a reminder last week he has not posted. I don’t think he logs on here much so I don’t expect a post at this late stage.

In more worrying AAAC news, I expect a booty-shaking, gusset moistening, funktastic week ahead as it it @LeonardSmalls turn.

What could possibly go wrong.

As long as he doesn’t post his own shit it should be interesting… :slight_smile:


At least I don’t keep it in a bucket!


But you pray to the shrine of Buckethead, That’s close enough to shit in my book

I wouldn’t dream of choosing anything with him, Les Claypool, Bernie Worrall and Brain…

Though I was also tempted by a Suicidals album…

Tell us on Friday when you unleash the pain and woe upon us. Early discussions simply induce tedium.

Unless you are pulling the piss out of prog or folk, in which case carry on…

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